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Water Leak Detection

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If you suspect that your water main has sprung a leak, call us at Clearwater Leak Detection immediately! An indoor water leak will not go away on its own, and it will only get worse the longer you wait. Many homeowners are unhappily surprised to learn that they’re responsible for the pipe that carries water from their meter to their home, but we can help minimize the headache of a burst or damaged pipe and get your water system back to maximum functionality and minimum risk.

Because most water mains are buried at least 3 feet in the ground, and very few homeowners have the equipment or knowledge base to deal with an indoor water leak, professional help is necessary, and you should not attempt a home repair. Trying to repair a damaged water main on your own can often have disastrous results—never attempt digging on your own, as accidentally striking the water main you intend to fix is easy to do and can cause thousands of dollars of damage. Let Clearwater Leak Detection help you locate and repair your water main without hassle!

The Danger to Your Home – Home Water Leak Detection

The EPA states that the average household water leak results in 10,000 gallons of wasted water every year it goes without repair, which the equivalent of 270 loads of laundry. Not only does this have a serious cost in terms of your water bill, it has an environmental cost—access to clean water is a luxury many people don’t have, and the millions of gallons lost every year through leaky pipes and fixtures are a tragic waste.


Water causes $9.1 billion dollars in property damage every year— domestic water leaks are extremely common, and it’s important that you don’t let a small leak escalate into a big problem. A broken water main or water supply line to your house can cause the landscaping of your property to become flooded and swampy, drowning your plant life or lawn. Water leaking beneath a patio or driveway can cause a sinkhole that is not only dangerous for walking or driving over but can ruin expensive brickwork or poured cement. And if your water main is leaking into the ground near your home, it can slowly destroy your foundation, flood your basement, or soften the beams of your house.


The first signs of a possible leak can include a stammering sink flow, slow drainage, or bad shower pressure. If you have any reason to suspect a leak, you can quickly learn for sure by turning off all possible sources of water usage in your house, locating your water meter, and checking to see if it’s moving. You can also take a reading while everything is off, wait two hours, and take another. If your meter is registering water use when you’re certain you aren’t using any water, you probably have a leak. And that’s where we come in!

Sometimes there are dead giveaways, like puddles in your lawn or water collecting in your meter box. We also have many sophisticated leak detection methods, including highly sensitive microphones that can hear the water movement through the pipes as well as water coming out of the pipe underground. To verify that we have found the water line leak, we use helium gas. We pressurize your water line with the helium and have a detector that works above ground to detect gas escaping. There are also times we might use sensitive acoustic equipment to listen for this escaping gas at the point of the leak.

You can trust that Clearwater Leak Detection will stop at nothing to find the source of your home leak! If you think you might have a water leak, call us today for an inspection! Don’t risk the value and safety of your home.


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