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Correlation of Water Lines in Bellevue – Why Choose Us?


Water leaks on any property, whether residential or commercial, should not be taken lightly. Small leakages can lead to big financial losses if the leak goes unobserved or untreated for a long time. Clearwater Leak Detection offers its specialized services for leak correlation of water lines in Bellevue, WA to safeguard the residents against water damage to their property and belongings.

Water line correlation is a high-accuracy digital leak detection system that can be used to locate leaks in all types of water lines, including cast iron, steel, PVC, and pre-stressed concrete pipes. Our company has been in the leak detection industry since 2007. We have established ourselves as one of the most trusted sources for leak correlation of water lines in the Bellevue area. This is thanks to our:

  • Vast experience in using this technique of leak detection
  • Investment in state-of-the-art digital leak detection system
  • Skilled crew trained in working with leak loggers/correlators

Moreover, we are a licensed and bonded company.

When is Water Line Correlation Used on Bellevue Property?


Incredible advancements in the plumbing industry have resulted in the introduction of several sophisticated leak detection techniques and technologies. Water line correlation is just one such example.

We primarily use the digital leak detection system in Bellevue properties when it is necessary to:

  • Determine leakage in big segments of piping
  • Pinpoint leak location in pipes with a large diameter
  • Find the size or severity of the leakage

The best thing about opting for correlation of water lines is that it provides a high degree of precision in leak detection with minimal property destruction during the process.

How Does a Digital Leak Detection System Work in Bellevue?


Several sounds, such as splashing, hissing, or clinking, are usually produced when an underground, pressurized pipe sprouts a leak. Leak correlation of water lines uses these noises to determine where exactly the leak is located. Implementation of our digital leak detection system on a Bellevue property involves attaching very sensitive microphones at the two points of the leaking pipe.

Our experts then use leak noise loggers to record the volume and frequency of the leakage sounds to calculate the distance of the leak. While using the digital leak detection system, our technicians consider the factors affecting the sound. These include the:

  • Depth at which the pipe is installed
  • Pipe material
  • Dimensions like pipe length and diameter
  • Ambient noise at the job site

To schedule a visit by the professionals at Clearwater Leak Detection for leak correlation of water lines on your Bellevue property, call 206-686-9300.

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