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Black Diamond Leak Detection


Our leak detection methods have advanced far beyond traditional tearing up of property.

As the owner of this business since 2007, I have a long and extensive background in the water field, having worked for a municipal water department for many years with earned degrees and certifications.  I have a clear understanding of how a water line should be installed and where the fittings should be.

If you suspect leakage from a water main you may be unexpectedly surprised to learn that the responsibility for the pipe carrying water from your meter to your home is yours.

The effects of water leaks can be staggering when a small leak escalates into a big problem:

  • Potential foundation destruction or a flooded basement
  • Serious utility costs
  • Costly landscape damage
  • Tragic environmental cost with gallons of water lost annually

Our job is to minimize the damage and to get your water system back to maximum functionality by utilizing our expertise in underground water leak detection for homes in the Black Diamond area.

Black Diamond Water Leak


Most of us can identify leaks from faucets and water heaters.  However, many leaks are undetected for long periods of time because the source of the leak is not visible.

These are some signs of hidden leaks that are more easily identified by our professional water leak detection service:

  • Slow drainage, stammering sink flow or bad shower pressure
  • Warm spots on concrete slabs
  • Wet, moist, spongy or discolored walls or floors
  • Months of escalated water bills
  • Water leak between the meter and the house

If your meter box contains water that has no relationship to rain or irrigation run-off, this may indicate a water leak in your supply line.  This requires professional leak detection equipment and services to locate and perform all repair work.

Call us today rather than risk the value and safety of your home in the Black Diamond area.

Black Diamond Water Leak Detection


Water line leaks can occur inside Black Diamond homes, or may require professional services of house slab leak detection equipment.

Leaks below ground are usually difficult to locate.  And unless there are pools of water above ground that point to a water leak, more sophisticated detection methods may be required.

These are a few of the methods we use in effectively detecting leaks:

  • Highly-sensitive microphones that allow us to hear water movement
  • Pressurizing the water line with helium to detect escaping gas
  • Smoke testing for difficult leaks

If you think you have a waterline leak, request an inspection or water leak detection services by calling Clearwater Leak Detection serving Black Diamond.  206-686-9300


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