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When is an Irrigation System Necessary?

If you’ve eliminated the possibility of a water leak in your home plumbing, the problem could be in your irrigation system. One tell-tale sign of an irrigation system leak is especially green, lush growth in one area of your lawn. If the leak is big enough, you’ll be able to tell because the ground will be soggy, damp, or muddy in a concentrated area.

Irrigation leaks occur in many places, including:

  • Landscaping
  • Home Gardens
  • Agriculture
  • Safety Sprinklers

We can help you locate and repair your irrigation leak. Though they do waste water during operation, a broken sprinkler head isn’t technically a “leak,” and is easy for most homeowners to address on their own. Most frequently, irrigation leaks occurs when a valve fails to shut completely, which are the easiest to find and fix, but the leak may also be in the system pipes. Pipe leaks are almost impossible for homeowners to find on their own, and valve leaks are difficult at best.

Irrigation Leak Detection

If you have an irrigation leak, it’s important you address it. Groundwater can not only leak into your basement and cause flooding, it can also eat away at your foundation. If you live in a densely-populated area, a leak from your sprinkler system might damage your neighbor’s foundation, which could result in a lawsuit. And un-repaired leaks will only get worse over time, so it’s not a problem you can ignore.

If you think you have an irrigation leak on your hands, call Clearwater Leak Detection! We’ll help you catch the leak before it does major damage to your yard, home, or system itself.


Three Ways to Detect an Irrigation Leak

Sprinkler systems and large scale agriculture watering systems are all at risk for irrigation leaking. If water isn’t flowing to the right place, this could mean a halt in crop production or a residential lawn flood. Call us and get the water running to the right places.

Fives Chores to Complete Before Summer

Some rural areas like Island County or the expansive California desert have water use restrictions in the drier months of the year. This is a crucial time to make sure all utilities are running properly so no water goes to waste in the wrong places.

Where Does Seattle’s Drinking Water Come From?

Most people in the Seattle metropolitan areas will agree that Seattle water is the best as far as its source. Being at the base of Cascade Mountains allows us to have clean water for drinking and habitat for our fresh salmon we are famous for.


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