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Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

Detecting leaks is not always so simple as noticing water damage or smelling strange odors. This is particularly true if a leak may be originating from a pipe hidden in structural materials – in this case, a variety of specialist equipment is required to locate the leak. One method to help detect these leaks is a thermal imaging camera, which looks for differences in surface temperatures to locate a leak. A thermal imaging camera will show any cases where water is at a different temperature than the other mass of building materials (such as walls, floors, etc). Thermal imaging allows us to find pipe runs that are buried in sub-floors and other areas. The thermal imaging cameras are non-invasive, which allows us to cover space quickly with minimum disruption.

FLIR0215- photo FLIR0215

Picture on the left shows area, picture on the right shows the pipe runs in the heated floor.

FLIR0224- photo FLIR0224

Picture of the left shows area, picture on the right shows the leak under the finished floor.

How Does Thermal Imaging Work?

Thermal Imaging can help find water leaks in walls and other areas – even before they become visible. With thermal imaging, we can trace the leak back to the source, finding the area that needs to be repaired more efficiently. Sometimes, the place where you see a problem or damage is not the source of the leak, and thermal imaging can help to pinpoint exactly where the leak is coming from.

FLIR0236 FLIR0236- photo

Left – Shows where slab line is leaking down the inside of the home
Right – Shows what it looks like without thermal camera

FLIR0058 FLIR0058- photo

Left – Shows water line leak under asphalt     Right – Shows area without thermal camera


How Thermal Imaging Locates Leaks

Thermal imaging is a sneaky way to find out the hidden source of leaks. By using an infrared camera, we can look at areas in the home that aren’t accessible. By determining the location prior, you can avoid damaging your home from location misconception.

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The average joe will not have the water utility library that Clearwater Leak Detection has. From a wrench to smoke detection machinery, we know all the secrets to finding leaks even if you have lost all hope.

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