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Video Pipe Inspection Services for Water Lines

A major component contributing to our success in cost-effectively locating leaks, lost connections and lost valves is our high definition video inspection camera that aids in navigating through potable water lines from a diameter range of ¾-inch to 12-inches.

With the advent of video pipe inspection technology we take the guesswork out of difficult leak detection diagnosis with the use of a fine fiber optic state-of-the-art video line that allows us to visually examine the length of the pipe with step-by-step video inspection camera transmission.

Our video pipe inspection system provides a live image for specialists working above ground to:

  • Evaluate water line condition
  • Conduct an integrity assessment
  • Visually locate leaks, lost valves and lost connections
  • Efficiently diagnose source of problems for early resolution

Call the specialists at Clearwater Leak Detection to check for possible leaks with powerful video inspection camera services for effective diagnoses and resolution.

Why is a Video Pipe Inspection the Right Choice?

While video pipe inspection is typically used for small cracks and leaks, it is a vital tool for pipeline inspection of the overall integrity of water lines.

With the aid of a video inspection camera our specialists are able to pinpoint the cause or source of a leak or lost pipe connection quickly and easily and conduct repairs to limit severe water loss or extensive damage.

Without the choice of video pipe inspection, traditional occurrences of water pipeline problems can require hours of disruptive digging and laborious visual searching to find and diagnose the cause.

These are some of the plumbing and water line problems that are often detected by our specialists with a video inspection camera that make it the right choice:

  • Cracked or collapsed pipes
  • Leaking joints
  • Lost valves
  • Leak location in swimming pool or spa water lines
  • Home inspections

Call us for pipeline or drain inspection by specialists trained in the latest video inspection camera technology for accurate location and severity of your issue.

A Video Inspection Camera Can Locate Leaks and Lost Pipe Connections

An in-depth video pipe inspection provides accurate information about your water lines that can be efficiently transmitted back to our specialists to determine the exact location of leaks, lost connections and lost valves.

In fact, video inspection camera technology offers additional benefits and advantages such as, but not limited to:

  • Precise and effective analysis
  • Proper diagnosis that eliminates repair errors
  • Ability to fully inspect visually-difficult water line areas
  • Details condition of water lines
  • Early problem detection
  • Least invasive and most affordable way to pinpoint problems

Call Clearwater Lake Detection for fast and effective video inspection using state-of-the-art video inspection camera services. 206-686-9300

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