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Marysville Leak Detection

leak-detection-marysville-waIt is important to address a water leak in your Marysville home because leaks in an average household can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year.

With our long history of specializing in water leak detection, we use a range of methods to locate a water leak to:

  • Minimize damage to your property
  • Avoid draining valuable resources from your water utility
  • Prevent a high water bill

If the leak source is difficult to locate because it is underground or structurally masked, call for expert services by our staff that is experienced in the use of advanced leak detection equipment to pinpoint and repair the leak.

Call us to save resources and damage to your property with our technologically advanced detection methods to locate leaks such as an indoor plumbing leak, an underground leak, slab leaks, or a pool or spa leak, to name a few.

Marysville Water Leak

water-leak-marysville-waSignificant sources of water waste in households are leaks from plumbing fixtures, fittings and pipes.

Leaking pipes that are inside the walls or the foundation can be located with the use of our sophisticated leak detection equipment to minimize the amount of damage and cost of repairs.

These are a few examples of signs of a water leak in your Marysville home:

  • Escalation of your water utility bill
  • The sound of continuous water running such as toilet leaks
  • Moist, spongy or wet areas on walls, floors or ceilings
  • Unpleasant odors from walls or floors
  • Cracks in foundation for no apparent reason
  • Slow sink drainage or low shower pressure

If your water meter is registering water usage when everything is turned off, call us. With the use of our sophisticated leak detection methods we can isolate the location of the leak and fix it correctly the first time.

Marysville Water Leak Detection

water-leak-detection-marysville-waPlumbing and water line leaks are common in most households, and as the victim you want plumbing or pipeline leak detection the same day as the repair or replacement!

We work closely with Marysville homeowners to establish the most cost effective choice of plumbing and water service line repair services once we have located the cause of the leak.

With the use of our advanced plumbing and underground water leak detection methods we can:

  • Minimize the amount of exploratory damage
  • Locate the source of the leak
  • Determine the cost benefits of repair or replacement options

Call Clearwater Leak Detection if your water bill is excessively high and you suspect plumbing and water line leaks as the cause. We use the most advanced non-invasive detection equipment to isolate the exact location of hidden water leaks. 206-686-9300

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