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Duvall Leak Detection


Do you suspect there is a leaky water pipe on your property? Give Clearwater Leak Detection a call without delay. Water leak detection on homes or business properties in Duvall, WA is not a do-it-yourself task.

The work can be extremely tricky and tedious. Leave it to professionals like us!
We are a licensed and bonded company that has been providing professional services for water leak detection in the Duvall area since 2007.

We make sure that water line leakages on all the properties that we work on are detected seamlessly by technicians who:

  • Are thoroughly trained and proven pros at their job
  • Have access to sophisticated leakage detection equipment
  • Work with a commitment to excellence

Duvall Water Leak


What makes water leakage a serious problem is not just that it can cause serious damage to a building and the things inside it, but that it tends to goes unnoticed for so long.

Water pipes are usually hidden from view and so their leakage goes unnoticed until water starts seeping out onto surfaces like flooring, walls, ceilings, or the landscaping.

While you might not know how to find a water leak in your Duvall home, you must make sure to keep out a sharp eye for symptoms of a leaky pipe, like a drop in pressure from water fixtures, strange puddles in the lawn, the unexplained sound of running water, an excessively high water bill, and damp spots or mold buildup on walls/floor/ceilings.

You must:

  • Not ignore the signs of leakage
  • Recognize the gravity of the situation
  • Call us to your home for water leak detection

Duvall Water Leak Detection


The biggest concern that property owners face with a plumbing or water line leak in their building is damage and excavation by professionals hired for finding the source of leakage.

You’ll have no such worries when you hire us for water leak detection in Duvall! We do not resort to any leakage detection methods. Instead, we make use of high-tech, innovative techniques and equipment.

We adopt methods like pressurizing helium into water pipes, thermal imaging, and using highly sensitive microphones to listen to water movement.

These technologies allow us to detect plumbing and water line leaks:

  • Non-invasively; without destroying the property
  • With a high degree of accuracy
  • Without damaging utility pipes installed underground or within walls

When you need water leak detection services in Duvall, Clearwater Leak Detection is the only name you need to know. Call 206-686-9300.

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