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Why is My Water Bill So High for My Mountlake Terrace Home?


An unexpectedly high water bill will leave you wondering, “Why is my water bill so high this month?” Clearwater Leak Detection is the company to call as we can satisfactorily answer your questions about your home in Mountlake Terrace, WA.

Instead of simply worrying about a high water bill, you can call us. We will check for water leaks in your:

  • Service lines
  • Pipe lines
  • Underground pipes
  • Toilets

After checking your home thoroughly, we will be able to answer the question: “Why is my water bill so high?” In addition to helping resolve this problem, we will also provide repair and plumbing services.

A High Water Bill in Mountlake Terrace can mean you’ve got a Leak


The primary reason a homeowner receives a high water bill is due to excessive water use. If you haven’t used much water, it could be due to a leak.

Using the latest equipment and techniques, we are able to find possible causes of the high water bill in your Mountlake Terrace home. We have also seen that toilet leaks can make a water bill too high.

Is your water bill too high because of a toilet leak? We:

  • Repair
  • Replace
  • Provide new installation

We first assess the extent of damage and then provide services to stop the leakage and end the high water bill in your Mountlake Terrace home.

Why Call Us if Your Water Bill is Too High in Mountlake Terrace?


When it is about paying utility bills, you know how much it hurts when the water bill is too high.

Nevertheless, you have to find a company that provides you satisfactory answers to the question: “Why is my water bill so high?” You can call us to answer your question in Mountlake Terrace, and you can trust us for the job, as we:

  • Are punctual
  • Complete the work within the schedule and budget
  • Are professional in our approach
  • Offer reasonably priced services

To prove that we are the best company to call when you’re asking, “Why is the water bill too high?” you can take reviews from our past customers.

Get answers to questions like “Why is the water bill too high?” or “Why is my water bill so high?” in Mountlake Terrace by calling Clearwater Leak Detection at 206-686-9300.

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