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Correlation of Water Lines in Edmonds – Why Choose Us?


Do you have water leakage somewhere on your property? Are you looking for experienced professionals offering digital leak detection system in Edmonds, WA to locate the leak accurately without any property destruction? Clearwater Leak Detection can help.

Our company specializes in the use of advanced computerized technology correlation of water lines to find hidden leaks. It involves working with an extremely sensitive electronic device to confirm the presence of a leakage and pinpoint its exact location.

We offer a digital leak detection system for all sizes and types of water pipes. You should choose us as your leak detection company that performs correlation of water lines in Edmonds because we:

  • Put well-trained technicians on the job
  • Have invested in state-of-the-art equipment
  • Take pride in doing every job seamlessly
  • Practice upfront, competitive pricing

Moreover, we are licensed and fully bonded to handle jobs for leak detection through correlation of water lines.

When is Water Line Correlation Used on Edmonds Property?


Digital leak detection system is an innovative method for fixing water leakage problems quickly, efficiently, correctly and cost-effectively. The technique of correlation of water lines is ideal for detecting leakages in large pipes such as:

  • Main lines in streets
  • Pipes in big commercial facilities
  • Fire mains
  • Water lines in mobile home parks
  • Low-pressure leaks like in heated/chilled water lines

Calling us for the correlation of water pipes in your Edmonds home is also the right choice for locating leaks resulting in a minimal environmental impact.

How Does a Digital Leak Detection System Work in Edmonds?


Correlation of water lines entails listening for noises created by leaking water and calculating distance to the exact point of leakage using this and other surface acoustics. When employing the digital leak detection system in your Edmonds property, our technicians place sensors or microphones on two separate points on the pipe. The noise of leakage is recorded at these points.

The water leak detection system works by correlating this noise with other specifics such as the distance between sensors, pipe material, pipe length, and diameter. Some of the best things about hiring us to find the source of leakage with a digital leak detection system include:

  • No need to shut-off the water
  • Leak in large sections of pipes discovered quickly
  • Minimal disturbance to your property

For more information about leak detection with correlation of water lines, Edmonds residents can call Clearwater Leak Detection at (206) 686-9300.

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