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Mercer Island Leak Detection


Do you have a water leakage problem in your residential or commercial property in Mercer Island, WA? Well, there is no need to fret as Clearwater Leak Detection is here to help resolve the issue by locating the leak so that it can be repaired.

The leakage can be fixed effectively only when it is traced to its exact origin. But, finding leaks in water pipes that lie deep in the ground or within walls is easier said than done. Relax! We have the skills, experience and resources to conduct water leak detection in Mercer Island properties seamlessly and reliably.

Home and business owners who call us for water leak detection in their Mercer Island properties can look forward to receiving thoroughly satisfying services from a reputable company that:

  • Has been serving the community since 2007
  • Carries all necessary licenses and is 100% bonded
  • Uses advanced water leakage equipment and methods

Mercer Island Water Leak


Water leakage in a Mercer Island home can have many damaging outcomes. If it goes unrepaired for long, it can cause the homeowner loss from property damage and high water costs. It can also promote mold buildup and create a health hazard for the people living in that home.

Homeowners need to watch-out for signs of water leak in their Mercer Island home so that the leak can be fixed before it does much harm. The signs pointing towards leakage issue in a property include:

  • Higher water bills without a change in consumption pattern
  • Damp spots on floors, ceiling or drywalls
  • Unexplained puddles in the yard
  • Musty odor consistently prevalent in an area

Our water leak detection services help Mercer Island homeowners get to the root-cause of the problem.

Mercer Island Water Leak Detection


Quality, in every aspect of the job, is the hallmark of our water leak detection services in Mercer Island. We strive to complete all jobs to meet the highest levels of precision and leave the customer delighted with our:

  • Quick job scheduling
  • Responsive and customer-friendly approach
  • Unobtrusive work
  • Detail-oriented services with accurate results
  • Professional conduct all the way through

Call us for water leak detection in your Mercer Island home or business place and get rid of all your plumbing or water line leak worries.

Clearwater Leak Detection is the expert to call if you suspect a leakage on your Mercer Island property. Call 206-686-9300 now!

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