Why Is My Water Bill So High
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Why is My Water Bill So High?


The total water utilities’ usage in a typical single-family home for both indoor and outdoor purposes is 101 gallons per person per day.

If you are asking, “Why is my water bill so high in my Seattle home this month?” The answer to an unusual utility bill is likely one of these reasons:

  • A high water bill due to leak in the utilities service line
  • Excessive use of water
  • Water leaks in the toilet

One of the first steps to take for a water leak detection is to check the washroom because toilet leaks are frequently the cause of a high utilities bill.

Since water leaks can escalate into a major problem beyond a water bill too high, we recommend calling us to find the source quickly and efficiently.

Call Clearwater Leak Detection to determine the cause of you having to pay a water bill too high in your Seattle home. We use many sophisticated leak detection methods to avoid undue utilities’ billing and costly property damage to reduce your excessive water bill.

A High Water Bill is the First Sign of a Water Leak Problem


If you are experiencing high utility bills or you have had to pay an excessively high water bill but there hasn’t been unusually high or water usage, there is a strong likelihood that water is flowing through your water system without your knowledge.

A water leak that is responsible for a utility or water bill too high can be difficult to detect because it may be happening somewhere in your service line. If you’re facing a billing issue or a water bill too high, we recommend an immediate call to our office to minimize the potential for a burst or damaged pipe.

This is what we will do to answer your question about utilities’ expense and “why is my water bill so high in my Seattle home?”

  • Check for signs of indoor water leaks
  • Look for puddles or water collecting in your meter box
  • Use of leak detection methods to hear water movement through pipes

We will stop at nothing to locate exactly what is causing utilities wastage and answer your question, “why is my water bill so high?” by finding the source of your home leak in Seattle that is causing high utility bills. Call us today for an inspection and reduce your water bill in your Seattle area home.

Why Call Us if Your Water Bill is Too High?


If you have asked yourself all the necessary questions such as why is my water bill so high this month, where is the leak, is my high water bill due to leak in a service line, and you are unable to answer them, it is time to call us to follow up with the investigation.

Nearly half of all pipes in the United States are in need of repair or replacement leading to serious plumbing issues resulting in an unusual billing and thus a water bill too high for many homeowners in the Seattle area.

These are a few reasons to call us if you are asking why is my water bill so high:

  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Ability to conduct leak detection and same-day repairs
  • Sophisticated leak detection methods and equipment

Call Clearwater Leak Detection if you have a high water bill in your Seattle home and suspect a water leak is a cause. 206-686-9300

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