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Burien Leak Detection


A water leak can occur in various areas of your home, and frequently they are difficult to locate.

As a family-owned business since 2007, we are totally responsible for water leak detection projects serving the Burien area.

My business differs from my competitors for many reasons. But one of those is my desire to provide customers with whatever they need, which sometimes means detecting the leak, having the materials on my truck and learning that the customer want to personally make the repairs. I can sell them quality parts and teach them how to make the repairs.

The effects of water leaks can be staggering when it is allowed to escalate into a big problem such as:

  • Serious utility costs
  • Costly landscape damage
  • Potential foundation destruction or a flooded basement

At times the issue involves a water main that is buried at least 3 feet below ground. Most homeowners do not have the equipment or knowledge to deal with the specific water leak, and that is when we encourage them to call us immediately for professional water leak detection services.

Burien Water Leak


We typically look for signs of hidden leaks that may require professional water leak detection in homes including:

  • Changes in water meter readings when not using water
  • Warm spots on concrete slabs that require slab leak detection
  • Slow drainage, stammering sink flow or bad shower pressure
  • Months of escalated water bills

It is also possible that your problem might originate from small leaks or pinholes in your water

pipes, or something major that may require location leak detection methods.

Whatever your situation, we encourage you to call us if you suspect a leak in or around your Burien home because an indoor leak will not go away on its own, and will get worse the longer you wait.

Burien Water Leak Detection


Below ground leaks can be difficult to locate whether they are small or more severe water line leaks.

And issues with plumbing pipes can be hidden or unnoticed to a non-expert, but may actually be severe. A professional detection specialist can use detection tools and techniques to effectively detect a water leak in Burien homes with less time and effort.

Aside from physically noticeable evidence of a leak, we use sophisticated detection methods, such as:

  • Highly-sensitive microphones that can hear the water movement
  • Helium gas with sensitive acoustic equipment to listen for escaping gas
  • Smoke testing for difficult leaks

Call Clearwater Leak Detection serving Burien with professional detection services to avoid risking the value and safety of your home. 206-686-9300

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