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Why is My Water Bill So High for My Mercer Island Home?


Many homeowners ask themselves, “Why is my water bill so high this month?” There are plenty of reasons that this could happen but it will take an expert to determine the reason. Homeowners in Mercer Island, WA should give Clearwater Leak Detection a call if they are experiencing a high water bill and want to find out why.

Below are some of the reasons why you may be asking, “Why is my water bill so high?”

  • Water line leaks
  • Excessive water usage
  • Toilet leaks

We can help you determine the cause of a high water bill. Our state-of-the-art leak detection methods are the answer to questions like “why is my water bill so high this month?”

A High Water Bill in Mercer Island Can Mean You’ve Got a Leak


If you have noticed an excessively high water bill this month without any explanation, there is a chance that there is a hidden water leak somewhere in your property. A hidden water leak that is responsible for a high water bill can be difficult to detect because it can be situated:

  • Behind walls
  • Under concrete slabs
  • In the water lines

But do not worry! We have the training and equipment to find hidden water leaks, no matter where they may be. So, if you are experiencing a high water bill in your Mercer Island home, call us. We have helped many homeowners who have often wondered, “Why is my water bill so high?”

Why Call Us if Your Water Bill is Too High in Mercer Island?


Nearly half of the plumbing pipes in American homes need some kind of repair or replacement resulting in issues that further result in a water bill too high. Are you noticing a water bill too high in your Mercer Island home? You are not alone. Many homeowners are not aware that a hidden leak could be causing a water bill too high in their Mercer Island home.

Are you worried that you have a high water bill but what should you to do? Let our professional leak detection services help you determine why is your water bill too high this month.

Reasons to choose us:

  • Up-to-date information about leak detection techniques
  • Same-day leak detection and repairs available
  • Sophisticated equipment that does not damage property

Feel free to call Clearwater Leak Detection at 206-686-9300 to find out why you are experiencing a water bill too high in your Mercer Island home.

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