Water Bill So High in Fife
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Water Bill So High in Fife


Have you received a shock when seeing your latest water bill? Are you baffled and unable to find the answer to the dilemma – why is my water bill so high? If you are in the Fife, WA area, Clearwater Leak Detection can help you investigate the reason for your unusually high water bill.

There has to be some explanation, after all, for the utility company sending you a water bill too high.

Your first step when you find yourself wondering, ‘why is my water bill so high this month’ should be to look back over the period of the bill and check if the high water bill could have been due to:

  • Additional people in the house
  • Seasonal changes in water usage
  • More usage of pool or spa
  • Increased water rates

If you believe that none of these factors explain why your water bill is so high for your Fife area home, call us.

High Water Bill Fife


We are water leak detection specialists. Calling us when you receive an unreasonably high water bill in your Fife property is advisable because hidden leaks are the most likely reason for such an increase.

The methods that we use are not evasive. The more quickly we can identify a leak, the sooner your high water bill is a thing of the past. You will also have less property damage.

Mold will usually grow in an environment where water and humidity are present. We will help you prevent future leaks and reduce the water bill.

Our services save you from the hassles of:

  • Repeatedly getting a water bill too high
  • Suffering property damage from unseen leaks
  • Having to negotiate with the utility company

Fife Water Bill Too High


To detect hidden leaks that are causing a water bill too high requires a trained eye. It takes expert eyes and quality equipment for leak locating.

With our hi-tech equipment, we have saved homeowners, and business owners, money on their utility bills and reduced the gallons of water wasted.

You can trust us to accurately find the root-cause behind the water bill too high in your Fife area property, whether it is:

  • An indoor or outdoor leakage
  • Underground or above the ground
  • A leaking toilet or water main line

Give us a call – you will be glad you did.

Upset by a high water bill in your Fife area home or business? Call Clearwater Leak Detection. Call (206) 686-9300 for the solution to your question – why is my water bill so high?

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