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Why is My Water Bill So High for My Queen Anne Home?


Is your water bill too high or much higher than expected? There are a number of possible reasons that can keep you wondering, Why is my water bill so high? One of the most common things that can cause a high water bill in Queen Anne, WA homes and businesses is a hidden water leak.

A water leak is not always evident, it can be present:

  • Underground
  • Within walls
  • Below the slab

If you are one of those property owners wondering, Why is my water bill so high? we can help! Clearwater Leak Detection offers professional water leak detection services to residential and commercial clients.

We have helped many property owners who have wondered, Why is my water bill so high?Ó in the Queen Anne area.

A High Water Bill in Queen Anne Can Mean You’ve Got a Leak


A high water bill can take you by surprise. Many factors can cause property owners to wonder, Why is my water bill so high? and all of them are frustrating.

Is your water bill too high because you have used more water? Or, is there a hidden water leak somewhere in your home?

We can perform leak detection to help you determine if a leak is responsible for a high water bill in your Queen Anne home or business. Some other signs that indicate a hidden leak include:

  • Damaged paint or wallpaper
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Bad odor of stale water

To avoid a high water bill, it is best to have your plumbing and water lines evaluated by our expert. Doing so will help you prevent a high water bill due to a leak.

Why Call Us if Your Water Bill is Too High in Queen Anne?


Is your water bill too high? If you’re experiencing this problem, it could mean that you have a hidden water leak on your property. If you are wondering, Why is my water bill so high?Ó give our leak detection experts a call.

We can perform a thorough assessment, helping you determine what made your water bill too high in Queen Anne. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to detect hidden leaks.

Our leak detection services may help to pinpoint the event that made your water bill too high.
More reasons to choose us include our:

  • Quick response
  • Minimally invasive methods
  • Affordable rates
  • Detailed, accurate reports
  • Complete satisfaction

Is your water bill too high in Queen Anne? Call Clearwater Leak Detection today at 206-686-9300.

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