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Leak Detection Service

Family PhotoClearwater Leak Detection is a family owned and operated business with over 25 years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on being able to really connect with our customers and provide a level of incredible personal customer service.

Our History

I, Simon Calis, started Clearwater Leak Detection in 2007 after years of managing entire municipal water systems, from the source of the water all the way to the meter at the customers home. In my 30’s there was a few tragic events that lead to the realization that I only have so many sunrises. After I had a very close family member pass away, I wanted to make a change, do something. I decided at that time to take a chance on myself because change comes from within and I didn’t want to look back and think of the things I should have done in my life. This was the time that I started my own business and Clearwater Leak Detection was born. Since then, I have found and fixed over 3000 water line leaks.

Why Use Clearwater Leak Detection for Water Leaks?

Since I have installed these water lines, I understand proper installation methods and how someone would have installed a water line in the most efficient manner, where some of the fittings should be, and pipe materials used. Considering I find and fix water leaks, it gives me an advantage over my competition where as they are always left guessing if they are right on the leak location or what the cause of the problem is. I am actually able to interpret the information I am hearing below ground and put it together with visual perspective of the leak. It’s more beneficial to me because I can see it after I have found it. This process yields the ability to tell the customer what is going on with their water line and what the best option will be to repair and or replace their line. I have an advantage because I am normally the guy digging it up and getting to see why. I have the materials on my truck to be able to do whatever the customer needs.

When I work with local plumbers, they choose my company over the competition because I have the ability to judge the man-hours and equipment necessary to complete the repair plus explain the challenges that will be encountered.

I also am the only person I know of in the area that can offer all the services and perform them personally (leak detection, swimming pools leaks, fix or replace water lines, smoke testing, find indoor water leaks). One day I will be finding a leak in a service line and the next day I might be swimming in a pool finding a leak under water.

Incredible Customer Service When You Have Water Leaking

At Clearwater Leak Detection, we know education is the first step toward preserving our planet’s precious water supply. That’s why we provide up-to-date information about leak detection techniques and water resource preservation both on our website and over the phone. Rather than simply booking an appointment and taking a customer’s money, we walk each customer through our process and explain the difference between our specialized services and that of a household plumber.

We specialize in locating your water leak to minimize damage to your property. Leaks can drain valuable resources from your water utility. They can also drain you financially as well. It is better for you to have a leak specialist pinpoint the problem before excavation. Let us help you avoid unnecessary property damage, reduce your water bill, and account for noticeable water consumption.

Leaks occur in all properties, old and new. Leaks can occur in water pipes for a variety of reasons including the age of a line or construction of waterlines. Factors such as severe climate changes, soil conditions, ground movement and even poor construction can contribute to unexpected pipe damage, which can have potentially costly side effects.

We serve the entire Puget Sound, from Olympia to Seattle to Everett, and out to Bremerton and North Bend.

If you’re concerned about your home’s water efficiency or suspect you may have a leak somewhere on your property, contact Simon Calis at Clearwater Leak Detection today.

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