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Water Lines for New Construction

If you’re building a new house or building, you’re going to need a water line installed from the meter to your pipe system. New home builders don’t realize that they’re responsible for building their own water line. Clearwater Leak Detection is happy to help you with the installation and planning. Give yourself time to focus on the house you’re building!

Depending on your environment, you will probably want to choose either copper or PVC for your line, each of which have their own advantages, disadvantages, and cheering sections. Supporters of PVC will tell you that it’s less expensive and less likely to erode by reacting with the ground’s chemicals. People favorable of copper pipes will tell you that PVC is unnatural, untraditional, and flimsy. Both groups are right, and we’ll help you weigh the pros and cons for yourself. A third popular type of modern piping is PEX, or cross linked polyethylene, which is more flexible than PVC yet will not corrode or develop pinholes. We know all things piping and we’re here to help you make an educated decision.

Water Line Installation

We also have extensive knowledge concerning all the other aspects of water line installation. We have the equipment to quickly and carefully dig your trench, and ensure that it is both 12 inches beneath the frost line, not in the root path of any growing trees, and not on a collision course with any other important utility lines. We also know how to ensure that your water line works with all your fixtures, guaranteeing that water pressure throughout your home is consistent and dependable. Finally, we are closely familiar with city and state codes, and can ensure that you:

  • Comply with all city and county ordinances
  • Size your water system to fit the fixture units and minimum branch pipe sizes
  • Identify “cross connections” and install backflow protection, which is necessary if you’re installing na irrigation sprinkler, or boiler or fire suppression system
  • Find the frost line, and ensure that your trench is 12 inches beneath it
  • Install frost-free shut off valves for hose bibs
  • Install water hammer arrestors, which are necessary to protect your pipe from the hydraulic shock from a dishwasher or clothes washer

If you’re building a new home, call Clearwater Leak Detection! You won’t have to worry about any aspect of your water line installation.


How To Choose an Experienced Leak Detection Professional

Digging up your water line is not something to take lightly. Find a professional with all of his or her licensing and credentials so you can ensure a quality performance.

All Licenses and Certifications to Look For

Clearwater Leak Detection is professionally licensed and experienced in uprooting areas to pinpoint leak problems timely and efficiently to fix the issue.

Where Does Our Water Supply Come From?

Ever wondered where Seattle’s drinking water comes from? We live in a green city, so we don’t need to tamper with our water too much to purify it. Learn more about our water sources!

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