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Correlation of Water Lines in Puyallup – Why Choose Us?


Undetected plumbing leaks go untreated and can cause extensive property damage. You must watch out for tell-tale signs of a leaking water pipe and have the exact source of leak located so that the pipe damage can be fixed.

Clearwater Leak Detection offer its expert services for leak correlation of water lines in Puyallup, WA as the ideal first step in pipe leak repair. The technique involves the use of a state-of-the-art digital leak detection system.

We can utilize our digital leak detection system and water line correlation to locate leakage points in all types of water lines, whether these are:

  • Residential or commercial
  • PVC, steel, ABS, ductile iron or copper
  • Average or large diameter pipes

Our company has invested in the highest quality equipment and a highly skilled workforce. The combination makes us the #1 choice for leak correlation of water lines in Puyallup properties.

When is Water Line Correlation Used on Puyallup Property?


An increasing number of property owners are calling us for water line correlation, opting for our digital leak detection system over conventional water leak location methods.

This is because leak correlation of water lines finds the leaking point accurately, economically, without extensive labor and with minimal damage to the flooring or yard.

In fact, hiring us for leak correlation of water lines in any Puyallup property is the best way to go when a leakage is to be located:

  • In large diameter pipes
  • On a large section of piping
  • With precision

How Does a Digital Leak Detection System Work in Puyallup?


Are you wondering how our digital leak detection system and correlation of water lines works? Let us explain.

Our high-tech acoustic water leak detection system finds the source of a leak in pressurized water pipes that are buried underground through the noise made by leaking water. While using the digital leak detection system in the Puyallup property, our technicians:

  • Place sound sensors at two strategic points
  • Detect and record the leak’s sound
  • Conduct sound analysis with software

Correlation of water lines also involves using additional information like diameter, length, depth and material of the water pipe to calculate the leakage point.

Want to use our digital leak detection system on your Puyallup property for a permanent solution to your leakage problem? Call Clearwater Leak Detection at (206) 686-9300.

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