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Issaquah Leak Detection


Clearwater Leak Detection has helped many Issaquah, WA homeowners detect hidden leaks in their property. We understand how devastating such problem can be as it has the potential to cause damage and costly repairs to your property.

It can be difficult for you or your plumber to identify the source of the leakage, mainly due to obstacles such as walls, floorboards and cupboards. This is where our services can be very helpful as our equipment is specifically designed to identify the leakage anywhere in your home without causing any damage. Our technicians have an extensive experience in identifying such problems using the latest methods. On completion of our survey, we will provide a fully comprehensive report. Our water leak detection services for the Issaquah community include:

  • Skilled technicians
  • State of the art equipment
  • Thorough testing and inspection

Issaquah Water Leak


A water leak is a common problem among Issaquah homes. Undetected leaks in your Issaquah home can do damage and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. It is best to locate drips before they end up causing major problems. There are many signs that indicate that it is time to call our professional to detect a water leak in your Issaquah home. These include:

  • Constantly wet yard
  • High bill
  • Noise of running water
  • Meter reading inconsistently
  • Damp spots
  • Musty smell
  • Formation of mild, mildew

Issaquah Water Leak Detection


We have built an outstanding reputation for providing expert water leak detection services to Issaquah residents. Water can enter some of the crucial parts of your home, such as your support beams, drywall and foundation, causing them to weaken over time. They can also threaten the electrical systems in your property.

Water is harmless when it is kept where it belongs. If you think there is a leakage somewhere in your home, give our water leak detection specialists in Issaquah a call. Many property owners rely on us to provide reliable, accurate water leak detection in Issaquah. Our features include:

  • Non-destructive detection
  • Keeping costs at a minimum
  • Preventing high water bills
  • Minimizing property damage
  • Providing reports and recommendations
  • Helping with repair

Our goal is to detect the leakage, fix it, and get your property back to normal again in a prompt manner. Contact our Clearwater Leak Detection today at 206-686-9300 for immediate water leak detection service in Issaquah.

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