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Covington Leak Detection


There are some interesting statistics that may lead you to add water leak detection to your home maintenance services.

Did you know you are six times more likely to have an unpleasant water damage experience than fire damage, and seven times more likely than a burglary?

Interestingly, the effects of water leaks can be staggering when a small leak escalates into a big problem, such as:

  • Serious increase in utility costs
  • Costly landscape damage
  • Potential foundation destruction
  • A flooded basement

As a family-owned and operated business founded in 2007, we provide a vast range of services, but a sizable number deals with water leak detection in homes.

We will stop at nothing to find the source of your water leak. Rather than risk the value and safety of your home in the Covington area, call us today for an inspection.

Covington Water Leak


There are the obvious leaks from dripping faucets and leaking water heaters, and then there are the leaks that go undetected for long periods of time because they are not visible.

These are some of the signs of leaks that contribute to water waste in many households and may require professional water leak detection to identify the source:

  • Slow drainage, stammering sink flow or bad shower pressure
  • Changes in water meter readings when not using water
  • Wet, moist or discoloration of floors or walls
  • Warm spots on concrete slabs
  • Months of escalated water bills

Your problem might be a result of small leaks or pinholes in your water pipes, or something as major as an underground main that may require extensive water leak repair.

Whether large or small, we encourage you to call us the moment you suspect a leak in and around your Covington area home because leaks do not go away on their own, and will likely get worse the longer you wait.

Covington Water Leak Detection


Gone are the days of tearing up property when you call us for problems associated with plumbing and water line leaks.

Instead, we are able to determine the location of a water leak using a combination of technological methods supported by our experience gained in locating and fixing over 3,000 water line leaks.

Aside from noticeably obvious evidence of a water leak, we have sophisticated detection methods for locating leaks in Covington homes, including:

  • Highly-sensitive microphones that can hear the water movement
  • Helium gas with sensitive acoustic equipment to listen for escaping gas
  • Smoke testing for difficult tasks

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