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University Place Leak Detection


Though most people in University Place, WA treat water leakage as a small issue, it can actually lead to grave consequences.

Leaky fixtures may be mildly irritating, but leaky pipes hidden in the ground or walls can be very damaging. They can weaken the foundation, cause rotting of the walls, promote mold/mildew growth, and damage carpets, furniture, appliances, etc.

Do not take the problem lightly and call Clearwater Leak Detection to your University Place home to have the root-cause of the leak located and fixed. We are a family owned and operated water leak detection company that has served the University Place community since 2007.

We use highly effective, sophisticated leakage detection methods like:

  • Extremely sensitive microphones to detect water movement
  • Detector to located escaping helium gas that is pressurized into water line
  • Smoke testing

We are highly certified, licensed and bonded for water leak detection in University Place.

University Place Water Leak


Do you know how to find a water leak in your University Place home? Well, if you do not, then you are exposing your property to grave structural damage and risking the health of your loved ones. You may also cause wastage of a precious natural resource. We cannot let happen!

As a responsible business, we strive to make University Place residents aware of the importance of water conservation and give them updated information about leakage detection techniques.

You should know that it is time to call us for water leak detection in your University Place home when you observe problems like:

  • Increase in water bills, with unchanged usage of water
  • Strange water puddles or soft areas in the yard
  • Persisting moldy odor
  • Dampness or mold build up on ceiling
  • Wet spots on drywalls or floor

University Place Water Leak Detection


Let only trusted water leak detection experts into your University Place property if you wish to maintain its safety and value. Call us.

You can count on us to trace the plumbing and water line leaks leakage to its correct source, no matter how deep it is located inside the complex network of plumbing pipes. We:

  • Schedule water leak detection in your University Place property fast
  • Use non-invasive that techniques keep excavation to the minimum
  • Work discreetly to minimize disruption in your routine activities

Get water leaks on your University Place property located quickly and accurately. Call Clearwater Leak Detection at 206-686-9300.

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