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Normandy Park High Water Bill


High water bills are the first indicators that you have a leak somewhere around your home. You know the approximate usage of water in your home and have the knowledge of the usual bill that you get. If there is a water bill too high despite no additional usage, it confirms a leak which must be located and repaired.

Rely on Clearwater Leak Detection for detecting the leak that is causing a high water bill in your home in Normandy Park, WA. Serving as a leak detection specialist, we use sophisticated methods that help us locate the leaks that are leading to high water bills. The leak detection methods that we use help us find the leak and the reason why your water bill seems high:

  • Quickly
  • Precisely
  • Safely

Once located, repairing the leak is easy. We are well equipped and experienced to provide the repairs as well, saving you time, energy, and money.

Normandy Park High Water Bills


An increased water bill indicates water wastage and leaks, which can be damaging to your home as well. Even if you find puddles in the lawn and know that there could be a water leak there, it is not recommended that you start digging in the area yourself.

Call our experts when you detect water leaks around the house which are likely the reason behind your high water bills in Normandy Park. Using the most sophisticated tools and equipment, we will locate the leak and repair it immediately. Our quick and precise service will save you from the following:

  • High water bills
  • Damage to the house
  • Basement flooding

If you experience high water bills in Normandy Park, we are here to take care of the issue causing them. We will put in our best efforts to reduce your water bill by finding and repairing leaks.

Normandy Park Water Bill Seems High


“Why does my water bill seems high?” is the obvious question every homeowner has on getting an increased water bill. The question is more worrisome when there has been no additional activity causing high water usage.

Stop worrying when the water bill seems high in your home in Normandy Park, and call us for inspection. We have the latest and the most advanced equipment to find water leaks in the following:

  • Main water line
  • Pipes carrying water
  • All other water pipes

Our experienced technicians will locate the leak and repair it with minimal damage to your property. Count on us when the water bill seems high as we can understand your plight of paying for something that you are not using.

Call Clearwater Leak Detection at (206) 686-9300 when your water bill seems high in Normandy Park.

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