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Gig Harbor Leak Detection


Undetected and therefore untreated water pipe leaks can cause several problems in any property in Gig Harbor, WA. They can:

  • Hamper activities with poor water flow from fixtures
  • Increase water expenses
  • Cause structural damage to the property
  • Destroy several valuable things inside it

The work towards ending such problems and fixing the leak starts with tracing the leakage to its exact source. This calls for accurate water leak detection in the Gig Harbor property conducted by knowledgeable, trained and well-equipped technicians.

Since 2007, Clearwater Leak Detection has been helping people minimize their damages and losses from water leakages by providing professional services for water leak detection in Gig Harbor homes and commercial properties.

Gig Harbor Water Leak


The biggest problem in dealing with water leaks is difficulty in locating them. Since most plumbing pipes are hidden from view, installed underground or inside walls, how to find a water leak can puzzle Gig Harbor residents no end. That is why locating water leakage is not a DIY task, but a job for the experts.

What Gig Harbor residents can do is to watch out for tell-tale signs indicating that a water pipe is leaking somewhere on their property. These include:

  • Unexplained hike in water bill
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Sound of running water even when plumbing system is not in use
  • Strange wet areas or puddles in the yard
  • Moist spots on ceiling or carpets
  • Persistent musty odor

We should be called immediately for water leak detection in the Gig Harbor property as soon as any of these symptoms are observed.

Gig Harbor Water Leak Detection


We are equipped to detect any plumbing or water line leak in residential and commercial properties.

The leaked water tends to travel quite a distance from the actual point of leakage. Therefore, the damp spot made by the leakage may be far off from the leaky plumbing or water pipes. This makes correct water leak detection in Gig Harbor properties quite a challenging prospect.

Relax! We have what it takes to do the job without any oversight. Our skilled technicians use highly effective water leak detection methods in Gig Harbor properties, such as:

  • Pressuring water lines with helium and detecting leaking gas
  • Using sensitive microphones to listen to water movement
  • Resorting to smoke testing

Call Clearwater Leak Detection at 206-686-9300 to have the plumbing/water leaks on your Gig Harbor property located.

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