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Why is My Water Bill So High for My Lakeland Hills Home?


Your home or business probably accounts for a significant portion of your monthly expenses, and the last thing you want is an event that makes your water bill too high.

Hidden leaks are often the cause of a high water bill, but if left neglected, the problem could be much more damaging.
Are you asking, Why is my water bill so high? Clearwater Leak Detection understands your concerns and wants to understand what made your water bill too high. We help Lakeland Hills, WA residents detect hidden water leaks on their residential or commercial property.

Rest assured that our leak detection experts will do everything in their power to answer the question, Why is my water bill so high in Lakeland Hills? Call us today to schedule an inspection! We offer:

  • Year of experience and expertise
  • Sophisticated leak detection equipment
  • Honest, competitive pricing

A High Water Bill in Lakeland Hills Can Mean You’ve Got a Leak


  • Is your water meter constantly showing use?
  • Are there any wet spots on walls or ceilings?
  • Do you hear sounds of running water?
  • Is your water bill too high?

These are all signs that indicate a water leak. Leaks can be as visible as a leaky faucet, or can be hidden until you get a high water bill. Leaks can waste a lot of water, so the quicker you identify leaks, the quicker you get control over a high water bill in your Lakeland Hills home or business.

Let us stop the next high water bill! We have many customers come to us wondering, Why is my water bill so high?Ó With our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, we have helped numerous property owners detect even the most difficult leaks.

Why Call Us if Your Water Bill is Too High in Lakeland Hills?


A high water bill can be quite confusing and frustrating. If you are wondering, Why is my water bill so high this month?Ó the reason is likely a hidden leak. A hidden leak is bad in so many ways.

It can:

  • Cause a high water bill
  • Waste precious water
  • Lead to property damage

Undetected water leaks are often the biggest thing that makes a water bill too high on Lakeland Hills properties. You may not even realize that a leak is making your water bill too high because not all leaks are visible.

Your leak may be behind walls or underground, which is why you need experts like us.

Let Clearwater Leak Detection help you answer the question, Why is my water bill so high in Lakeland Hills? Call us today at 206-686-9300.

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