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Lake Forest Park Leak Detection


If you live in Lake Forest Park, WA and suspect a water leakage on your residential or commercial property, contact Clearwater Leak Detection.

Locating the source of leakage is tricky and time-consuming. It is hardly a do-it-yourself task depending on guesswork. Plumbing pipes and water mains are usually buried several feet in the ground. You cannot just go about digging up the yard to check where the leakage is stemming from.

The right way of water leak detection in Lake Forest Park properties is hiring professionals like us. We understand the intricate plumbing network and have advanced equipment to detect water leaks:

  • Without extensive excavation on the property
  • Safely, without accidently damaging the plumbing/water pipes
  • With complete accuracy

Our licensed and bonded company has been conducting water leak detection in Lake Forest Park since 2007 and knows how to find a water leakage in a quick, efficient, reliable, hassle-free manner.

Lake Forest Park Water Leak


Even a small leakage can, over time, lead to considerable property damage, avoidable utility expenses and wastage of a precious resource. The sooner you become aware of water leak in your Lake Forest Park home, the lesser your losses will be.

Being a family owned & operated, customer-oriented business, we strive to educate homeowners about water conservation and detecting leaks. Some signs that should alert you to a leakage problem in your Lake Forest Park home are:

  • Unusually high water bills
  • Decrease in water pressure from fixtures
  • Wet spots on flooring/ceiling
  • Strange soft, damp patches in the yard
  • Unexplained sound of running water

Call us without delay for water leak detection in your Lake Forest Park home when you observe these symptoms.

Lake Forest Park Water Leak Detection


Repairing plumbing and water lines leaks at the earliest is beneficial for you, your property and the environment. That can happen only when water leak detection in your Lake Forest Park property is done fast and with precision. We can help.

We respond promptly to your call and ensure flawless water leak detection in your Lake Forest Park property by sending over technicians who are:

  • Vigorously trained and highly experienced
  • Expert at using time-tested techniques for locating leaks
  • Outfitted with sophisticated leakage detection methods and equipment
  • Committed to putting their best into every job

Need reliable services for leakage detection in Lake Forest Park? Call Clearwater Leak Detection at 206-686-9300.

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