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Water Bill So High in Burien


A high water bill due to a leak is very common, since a huge amount of water can go undetected. Other reasons for a water bill that’s too high is the increase in utility rates and increased water usage.

If you want to know why your water bill is so high for your Burien, WA residence, hire Clearwater Leak Detection. We can help you answer the question, “Why is my water bill so high?”

What do we do to figure out why your water bill is so high? We:

  • Look for leaks
  • Assess your pipes and meters
  • Assure you peace of mind
  • Fix leaks that cause high water bills


High Water Bill Burien


Is the high water bill for your Burien property a shock for you? Is the water bill too high to comprehend? Are you finding it difficult to pay this high water bill? As long as you do not find a reason for your high water bill, it may keep going up!

Call us and let us discover the reason for your high water bill so that we can fix the issue promptly. Some of the problems associated with high water bills include leaks, which can be due to:

  • Basement flooding
  • Weakening of the landscaping and pavement
  • Structural damage
  • Pipe damage

So, you have a high water bill – but what to do? Just give us a call and we will take care of the issue in its entirety. Leak detection and repairing the leak are the two things that we do best.

Burien Water Bill Too High


Do not waste time wondering, “Why is my water bill so high?” for your Burien residence. Call in experts like us to check out potential reasons for this issue. We will check the water meter and pipes to determine why your water bill is too high.

This work requires special skills and knowledge to locate leaks that are causing your water bill to be too high. More reasons to choose us include our:

  • Commitment
  • Professionalism
  • Customer satisfaction guarantees

Once you call us, we will be able to provide you an answer to, “Why is my water bill so high this month?” Call us if you need help in the Burien area.

Call Clearwater Leak Detection at (206) 686-9300 to prevent high water bills in your Burien residence. Let’s figure out why your water bill is too high.

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