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Woodinville Leak Detection


Looking for high quality, cost-effective services for detecting leaks in your property in Woodinville, WA? Clearwater Leak Detection can help.

A licensed and bonded company set up in 2007 by a professional with long experience in managing municipal water systems, we offer expert services for water leak detection in Woodinville homes and commercial buildings. We can find water leaks in wall, in ceiling, under slab, in the pool and anywhere else it is on the property.

We are a family owned & operated business that prides itself on providing ethical, precise and fair-priced water leak detection services to Woodinville residents. Our unmatched capabilities have given us a:

  • Stellar reputation in the community
  • Large number of happy customers
  • Steady flow of business from repeat customers and referrals

Woodinville Water Leak


Millions of gallons of water go waste and property worth billions of dollars gets damaged every year due to leakage problems. As such, it is the responsibility of all Woodinville homeowners to get their leaky pipes and fixtures repaired without any delay.

For that, they first need to know how to find a water leak in their Woodinville home. We advise them to be alert and watch out for signs that point towards the presence of a leakage somewhere on the property. The warning signs of leaks include:

  • Sound of running water when no fixture is in use
  • Water meter showing consumption when everything is shut off
  • Rise in water bills without increase in water usage
  • Unexplained wet areas in the yard
  • Leakage alert by water company

Homeowners should get into action on observing such signs and call us for water leak detection in their Woodinville property.

Woodinville Water Leak Detection


We are the water leak detection specialists that Woodinville residents can trust to do the job right, the first time. Customers are our top priority and we endeavor to detect their plumbing and water line leaks in the most professional way.

Our company keeps up with the certifications necessary for water leak detection projects in Woodinville. Our technicians are trained to identify leakage sources correctly with a combined use of:

  • Time-tested leakage detection techniques
  • Modern methods like pressurizing pipes with helium and detecting escaping gas
  • Hi-tech equipment like highly sensitive microphone to pick sound of moving water
  • Advanced solutions like thermal imaging, smoke testing etc.

Let Clearwater Leak Detection locate your water leakages Woodinville. Call 206-686-9300.

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