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Auburn Leak Detection

Water leak found

As a family owned and operated water leak detection company founded in 2007, we are dedicated to water conservation by reducing common household and commercial leaks.  And we do that for two reasons:  to save people money and to protect our environment.

Most water mains are buried at least 3 feet below ground, and for most homeowners who do not have the equipment or knowledge to deal with the specific water leak, we expect them to call us immediately for professional assistance in leak detection!

The effects of water leaks can be staggering when a small leak escalates into a big problem:

  • Serious utility costs
  • Tragic environmental cost with millions of gallons of water lost annually
  • Costly landscape damage
  • Potential foundation destruction or a flooded basement

This is where we come in.  We will stop at nothing to find the source of your water leak.  Rather than risk the value and safety of your home in the Auburn area, call us today for an inspection.

Auburn Water Leak

During repair

These are symptoms of hidden leaks that may require professional water leak detection in homes:

  • Changes in water meter readings when not using water
  • Wet, moist or discoloration of walls or floors
  • Slow drainage, stammering sink flow or bad shower pressure
  • Warm spots on concrete slabs
  • Months of escalated water bills

Your problem might be a result of small leaks or pinholes in your water pipes or something major that may require leak detection methods.

Sometimes the signs are dead give-aways.  At other times, we utilize sophisticated leak detection methods to determine the source of leaks.

Whatever your case, we encourage you to call us the moment you suspect a leak in or around your Auburn area home because an indoor water leak will not go away on its own, and will, in fact, get worse the longer you wait.

Auburn Water Leak Detection

After repair

Aside from physically noticeable evidence of a water leak, we have sophisticated detection methods for Auburn homes, including:

  • Highly-sensitive Geo phone that can hear the water movement
  • Helium gas with sensitive acoustic equipment to listen for escaping gas
  • Acoustic Leak Deteciton

Gone are the days of tearing up property.  Instead, we are able to determine the location of a leak with a combination of technological methods and the experience gained by locating and fixing over 3,000 water line leaks.

Call Clearwater Leak Detection serving Auburn with professional detection services.  Don’t risk the value and safety of your home.  206-686-9300

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