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Shoreline High Water Bill


Are you angry and confused upon consistently receiving an unusually high water bill for your Shoreline, WA property? Have your efforts to get the water meter checked or find another reason, if any, for the high water bills revealed that the utility company is not at fault? Are you looking for experienced professionals who can help you get to the root of the high water bill issue?

If so, then you are in the right place. Clearwater Leak Detection has already helped countless property owners resolve the mystery of their high water bills. We are eager and well-equipped to come to your aid.

When your water bill seems high, the most likely reasons are:

  • Increased water usage
  • Hike in water charges
  • Water leak on the property

If you get a high water bill in Shoreline despite no change in consumption habits or utility rates, call us for leak detection.

Shoreline High Water Bills


There are a number of potential sources for the plumbing leaks that lead to your high water bills. The leak could have developed in the:

  • Water mains
  • Lateral water lines
  • Toilet
  • Irrigation system
  • Faucets and fixtures

No matter what the situation on your property, it is very important to find out why you are getting a high water bill. Needless financial burden is not the only reason for investigating high water bills on your Shoreline property. You should also take action when your water bill seems high because it indicates wastage of a precious natural resource.

Do not simply pay your high water bills just because you can afford the additional expense. Call us to locate the leak that started the problem.

Shoreline Water Bill Seems High


There may be several plumbing contractors that you can turn to for help when your water bill seems high in Shoreline, however, they are not all equal and hardly any of them can match the high-quality services that we offer.

Choosing us to determine why your water bill seems high is a smart decision because we specialize exclusively in leak detection. Our family owned and operated company has been in business since 2007 and:

  • Is licensed and bonded
  • Employs highly skilled and diligent technicians
  • Has cutting-edge leak detection equipment

You cannot just wish away a high water bill! Call Clearwater Leak Detection for effective and reliable professional help when the water bill seems high at your Shoreline property. Reach us at (206) 686-9300.

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