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Water Service Line Repair Services

When we have located your leak (or if another company has) the water line will need to be repaired or replaced. Many factors determine what the best course of action for that repair will be, and at Clearwater Leak Detection, we make a point of working closely with homeowners to figure out the best choice for your specific problem and budget. Getting your leaks repaired will save you money in the future, so if you know you have a problem, don’t ignore it! It’s not going to get better, and it will definitely get worse.

We recommend that you choose us for both detection and repair or replacement, not only because we’ll already be familiar with the nature and location of the leak if we’re the ones who found it, but also because it will expedite the process—no one likes sitting around waiting for a service provider to show up, or scheduling multiple appointments. If you choose Clearwater Leak Detection, we can do the leak detection the same day as the repair or replacement, and you can count on us to bring all the tools and materials we might need to your residence upon our first visit.

Fixing Pipes – Repair or Water Service Line Replacement?

The majority of water pipes in America were installed shortly after WWII, and in dire need of some attention—a 2010 report from the National Association of Water Companies and the Chamber of Commerce concluded that almost half of all US pipes are in need of repair or replacement. It’s unfortunately not uncommon for households to need a total pipe overhaul, which involves not only replacing all pipes and the water main, but requires cutting into walls and floors. Replacement is more expensive than repair, and here at Clearwater Leak Detection we will collaborate with you to determine what is necessary, advisable, or possible for your budget.

If your pipes are over 60 years old, they are almost certainly at the end of their life, especially because time has shown that many of the popular materials of the past have lead to serious plumbing issues for homeowners today. One of the most common problems is galvanized steel piping, which not only corrodes and causes water pressure problems, but can also accumulate toxic lead deposits over time. Clay pipes became very popular in the 1950s, and though they can have a lifespan of 100 years, very little was understood about how to properly lay them at first, and cracking or breaking clay pipes have been a national problem since. There are also still lead pipes from the early 1900s in use, which are extremely long-lasting but can cause lead poisoning. And if you have the “fiber conduit” pipes commonly called “Orangeburg pipe—“ very popular during WWII because they don’t require metal—you need to seek immediate replacement, because this kind of pipe is known to burst suddenly and cause severe damage.

Leak Detection and Fixing Water Lines

We are also able to replace or repair your home’s central water line. To the unhappy surprise of many, the homeowner or business owner is responsible for the water line from the water meter to their home. The time and cost that go into this kind of project vary according to may factors, such as the length or depth of the line, the age and type of the pipe, the location of the leak, or even the time of year! Many primary water lines are galvanized pipe from the 1980s, and have outlived their practical lifespan. And if you have trees on your property that have grown over time, it’s possible that their roots have begun to crush or strangle your line.

If the cost to fix your water line is going to be half of what a new one would cost, you might want to go with replacement so you will not have the issues of finding and fixing a leak in the near future. If you have another company examining at your line, please do not hesitate to contact Clearwater Leak Detection to get a competitive quote.


Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Help With a Leak

Ask yourself all the necessary questions: Where is the leak? Is the utility bill high? Get a second opinion from an experienced professional to follow up with the investigation.

Do you Have a Leak? Here are the telltale signs

Just like diagnosing an illness, leaks that go unresolved worsen as time passes. Learn how to detect, assess and call the right people to help fix the issue.

How To Find a Leak in Your Water Service Line

The biggest red flag that your water line is leaking is an overall drop in water pressure. Do not let leaks continue. It’s a huge waist of money, resources and can be a health hazard down the road.

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