Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Help with a Leak
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Leak detection isn’t exactly a cheap process, but it can certainly be cost-effective in the long run. However, some leak issues aren’t worth the time and money that it takes to hire a leak detection expert, so ask yourself these questions before getting help with a leak:

Is it a surface leak or is it occurring below the ground/floor?

While it’s not always easy to determine where a leak is coming from, there are signs of surface-level leaks that should be readily apparent to the naked eye. For example, if there’s water coming from seals in your pipes or faucets, there’s a good chance the water isn’t leaking from below ground. Signs of subsurface leaks are darkened, damp areas in your yard or flooring or unusually low pressure all around your home or building. This is a sign of a leak in the water line and should be investigated by a professional.

Is your water bill much higher than usual?

Checking your water usage for the month (especially during colder months) will identify if your water usage is abnormal over a long period of time. For a family of four, exceeding about 12,000 gallons per month is a sign of a substantial leak.

How’s your water meter?

Don’t use any water for two hours to more and check your water meter before and after this period of time. If the meter changes at all, there’s a good chance there’s a leak.

If the answers to any of these questions point to a leak, contact Clearwater Leak Detection to get your water leak problems taken care of quickly and professionally. We have the tools to find leaks in pipes deep within subsurface flooring, the ground, or walls. Waiting to get this problem solved will only cost you more money, so don’t hesitate – call us today!

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