Perks of Clearwater Leak Detection Services
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Whether you're a homeowner who might have a leak, or a commericial client looking for a contractor, we've got you covered.

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A leak in your home may seem small, but can turn into a big deal. It’s extremely important to locate and repair a leak as soon as possible, though sometimes it’s difficult to identify where exactly it’s coming from and how to fix it. That’s where we come in. At Clearwater Leak Detection, our professional services cover all types of leaks in all types of places. Notice some wet spots in your home or around the exterior? Let our experts handle it to minimize damage to your property.

Perks of Clearwater Leak Detection services:

  • Service area. We cover the entire Puget Sound region—Seattle, Olympia, Everett, Tacoma, Bremerton, North Bend, and everywhere in between. We’ll come to you whenever and wherever you need us!
  • Expertise. Simon has over over 20 years of experience in the industry maintaining and managing a municipal water system. Our understanding of water systems helps quickly and efficiently diagnose the best options for your water line. Clearwater Leak Detection is licensed and bonded in Washington.
  • Efficiency. Most of our leak detection jobs take less than two hours. This includes detection, evaluation, and diagnosis. We work quickly to find a solution as soon as possible to save you money, time, and resources.
  • Accuracy. Finding a water leak on your own is tricky, and fixing it is even trickier. We can detect the location of the leak with guaranteed accuracy, and then operate your water shut-off valve. It can be difficult to know whether a leak is originating within your home or on the outside—save yourself the guessing game and let us evaluate for you!
  • Equipment. Our innovative, specialized equipment covers all bases of leak detection. Determining a leak can be a science, especially in an area such as a pool. We have the technology to locate the leak using thermal imaging, inert gases, pressure and dye testing, and other specialized equipment that caters to all types of leaks.

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