How to Find a Leak in Your Water Service Line
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If you’re like most homeowners, you probably won’t even think about the location of your water service line – that is, until a problem arises. After calls to the water company and the city, you may have found the location of your water service line, but what good does that do for you if you suspect there’s a leak?

A dramatic drop in overall water pressure in your home or seeing water physically coming up from the ground or running into the street are good signs you have a water service line leak.

The only way to truly find out where a leak is coming from is to hire a leak detection specialist. Non-surface leaks in water service lines are never easy to detect without specialized equipment or a massive excavation.

Regardless whether your water service line is made from galvanized pipe, copper, PVC, or PEX, Clearwater Leak Detection can quickly and accurately locate the location of a leaking pipe without wasting your time or money. DIY or unexperienced efforts to locate and tend to the problem often result in a messy disaster. By using a variety of tools and equipment, we can find even the smallest leaks buried beneath several feet of dirt, concrete, and other materials.

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