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Medina Leak Detection


When it comes to a service as critical as water leak detection, the people of Medina, WA should choose a professional that can be trusted to do the job accurately, without any hassles. They should get in touch with Clearwater Leak Detection.

We are a 100% bonded business that carries all the necessary licenses for performing water leak detection in Medina homes and commercial places. Our family owned & operated company was founded in 2007 and enjoys a reputation for honest, professional, efficient and affordable services.

Helmed by a hands-on owner with long experience in the plumbing, we know all there is to know about how to find a water leakage. We have invested in cutting-edge technologies to ensure flawless detection for leaks in Medina properties. Our work includes:

  • Using high-tech microphones that make water movement in pipes audible
  • Pressurizing helium into water lines and spotting escaping gas with a detector
  • Deploying smoke testing to locate difficult leaks

Medina Water Leak


Water leakages are not very obvious because plumbing and water lines are generally hidden in walls or deep in the ground. Still, there are certain tell-tale signs of water leaks that any alert homeowner can discover and get to know about the water leak problem in his Medina property. These indicative symptoms include:

  • Sudden spike in utility costs
  • Drop in water pressure
  • Running water sound while plumbing is not being used
  • Unusual wet/soft areas in the yard

These signs must not be ignored and professional assistance for water leak detection in the Medina home must be hired immediately.

Medina Water Leak Detection


We should be called in for water leak detection by Medina property owners before it is too late. By leaving a plumbing or water line leak undetected and unpaired, home or business owners exposes their Medina property to serious water damage and incurs unnecessary utility expenses. Another consequence that is not to be ignored is the gross wastage of a crucial natural resource – water.

We work diligently to ensure fast and correct water leak detection that helps Medina residents:

  • Avert property damage
  • Save money on water bills
  • Conserve water
  • Avoid damage to personal belongings or business equipment
  • Prevent disruption in family or work life due to plumbing problems
  • Stop health hazards from mold/mildew

Call 206-686-9300 to have water leakage on your Medina property detected by Clearwater Leak Detection.

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