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Milton Leak Detection


Do you have a water line leak on your property? Do you dread the yard destruction your plumber is likely to cause when he tries to find the source of leak? Relax! There is no need to call in a plumber when Clearwater Leak Detection is here to serve you.

We are water leak detection specialists that Milton, WA residents can hire to have their leaky pipes located without pulling down walls or digging up the yard.

We leave all surfaces intact while looking for leakages in the pipes that lay installed in hidden places. Our non-invasive water leak detection for homes and commercial places in Milton is done using sophisticated methods that include:

  • Electronic listening equipment
  • Helium pressurizing
  • Thermal imaging

No matter how unreachable the leak is, our technicians can be trusted to find it.

Milton Water Leak


The sooner that water leakage is detected, the better. When leaks remain unseen and are not repaired, the escaping water can do a lot of damage to the building structure, electronic equipment, furniture, furnishings, etc.

You can preserve the integrity of your property and limit your other losses from water damage if you hunt the leakage out as soon as you notice tell-tale signs of its presence. The earliest signs of a water leakage include:

  • Unreliable water flow from faucets
  • Poor shower pressure
  • Slow drainage

If the leak goes unnoticed, it can soon lead to other symptoms, like damp patches or mold growth on the walls, ceiling, or floor. It can also lead to a spike in your water bill and youÕll hear the continual sound of running water.

Call us for water leak detection in Milton whenever you become aware of signs of leakage.

Milton Water Leak Detection


We have worked hard to establish ourselves as one of the most capable and dependable sources for water leak detection services in the Milton area. Our company is:

  • Staffed by highly competent technicians
  • Equipped with up-to-date tools and technologies
  • Fully certified to handle leakage detection projects
  • Licensed and bonded
  • Family owned and operated

Hiring us for the detection of plumbing and water leaks is guaranteeing yourself that the job will be done accurately, at a fast pace, and without resorting to guesswork.

Better yet, our customers can also be sure of receiving services that satisfy them completely and give them a pleasant experience the entire time.

Dial 206-686-9300 to hire the services of Clearwater Leak Detection for water leak detection in Milton.

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