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Why is My Water Bill So High for My Kent Home?


If you have been getting a water bill that is too high for the amount of water you use, the reason could be a leak somewhere in your system. You need to find a company that can find the answers to your question “Why is my water bill so high?”

Clearwater Leak Detection is a reliable company that offers the means to find the answers to that burning question “Why is my water bill so high?” for Kent, WA residents. Being an established and experienced company, we use the best of the following to find the answers and solve your problem with:

  • A knowledgeable workforce
  • The right equipment
  • Proven methods
  • Latest techniques

If there is a high water bill due to a leakage in the service line, you need to have it repaired immediately. We also provide reliable solutions to plug these leakages so that you no longer receive water bills too high for your usage.

A High Water Bill in Kent Can Mean You’ve Got a Leak


If you have been constantly getting a high water bill despite limited usage, it indicates that there is a problem somewhere. You need to choose a company that can provide reliable services and answers your question of why is my water bill so high.

We have been offering reliable solutions for high water bills for Kent residents for a long time. Not only will we fix the reason behind your large water bills we can help with:

  • Water service line repair or replacement
  • Trenchless pipe installation
  • Backflow assembly installation and testing

When trying to solve the problem of a high water bill can be difficult. We will have to check the entire service line to ensure that it is working correctly and the leak is not located there. Additionally, we will also check the electric meters and connections to ensure that they are not adding to your electric bill as well.

Why Call Us if Your Water Bill is Too High in Kent?


With the number of companies offering services to find the reasons behind water bills too high in Kent, choosing the best one can be a challenging task. You should call us if you have been getting water bill too high in your Kent home as we are:

  • Credible
  • Professional
  • Affordable

Call Clearwater Leak Detection at (206) 686-9300 to learn “Why is my water bill so high?” in Kent.

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