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Clearwater Leak Detection offers service in the Tacoma area of Pierce County. If you have a rising utility bill but are not increasing your water use, you should consider scheduling a leak detection test. At Clearwater we offer many leak detection services in areas south of the greater Seattle area. We can offer the best service in leak detection at an affordable price.  If your not sure where the source of the leak could be, please seek our help at Clearwater Leak Detection and we will come on sight as soon as possible. We have the capabilities to locate the course of the leak whether it is commercial or residential. All our methods and tools used are non invasive and will be environmentally friendly to your yard.  If you have any questions about our tools or services, we will be there to walk you through our methods.

Any leakage that is not easily located above ground is most likely from a burst pipe underground. If you think the leakage is from an underground pipe source, do not hesitate to call Clearwater for a more accurate determination. If the leak goes ignored, leaking will still occur or have the potential to increase. You know what that means, more wasted water, sewer costs and your money along with it.  Before addressing any underground leak issues it’s required by law to provide information on your dig. Allow two business days before digging to call 811 or go to www.callbeforeyoudig.org. Clearwater offers safe options to locate even privately owned utilities.

Tacoma Testimonials

Charles Everett
22 S. 52nd St.
Tacoma, WA 98408

I knew I had a major leak problem when I noticed leaks coming from my cement wall leading into the garage. Turns out it wasn’t from heavy rainfall like we thought. I called Clearwater because they specialized in repair and replacement of water mains. Simon from Clearwater gave me a cost estimate and confirmed time of arrival. He showed up right on time, ready for anything.


Dave Boitano
3304 Soundview Dr.
University Place, WA 98466

Clearwater Leak Detection did a great job and was efficient and professional. Definitely on my “keeper” list.


Chanel Beery
4811 South C St.
Tacoma, WA, 98408

Thanks to Clearwater Leak Detection, the broken water main between my house and the street has been repaired. It was a dirty job but someone has to do it, and it better be a professional. They had to rip the lawn up to access the pipe, but even that mess was cleaned up upon completion. Clearwater Leak Detection is a trustworthy company.


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