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Not sure where all your utility money is going? Have a suspiciously high water bill this month? You could have major leak problem in or around your home. At Clearwater Leak Detection we offer many leak detection services in areas south of the greater Seattle area. We can offer the best service in leak detection at an affordable price.  If your not sure where the source of the leak could be, please seek our help at Clearwater Leak Detection and we will come on sight. We have the capabilities to locate a leak that could be commercial or residential. All our methods and tools used are non invasive and will be environmentally friendly to your yard.

Any leakage that is not easily locatable above ground is most likely from a burst pipe underground. If you think the leakage is from an underground pipe source, do not hesitate to call Clearwater for a more accurate determination. If the leak goes ignored, leaking will still occur or have the potential to increase. This leads to an escalated utility cost.  For problems in the Kent area, it’s necessary to call 811 before digging for any underground utility problems.  Clearwater offers safe options to locate even privately owned utilities.

Kent Testimonials

Rich Williams
9408 S. 233rd Place
Kent, WA, 98031

Simon from Clearwater Leak Detection was like a doctor looking for a prognosis. He knew all the interior makeup of residential water systems. He located and diagnosed my plumbing problem that was hidden six inches underground. We acknowledged the severity of problem and if it should be replaced. Simon is a wizard in leak detection. I highly recommended Clearwater Leak Detection.


Larry Rea
8211 45th N.E.
Seattle, WA, 98115
Category: Plumbing

Our total water loss had resulted in almost $2,000 extra in billing due to the leak and delay of the company billing. We needed help immediately. Even in bad weather conditions, Clearwater was able to locate several leaks in an old water pipe, replaced it, and conducted a follow up with country requirements.  A ratings in all areas.


Cindy Thompson
23641 7th Ave
Des Moines, WA 98198
Category: Plumbing

Clearwater Leak Detection was able to locate a long sought after problem. Our water bill is reduced down to 66% since their response. We come from a community of homes with older foundation. We had to turn off the water in 10 homes, since our water meter serves our neighbors as well. Simon from Clearwater was very understanding of the situation and everyone cooperated. He was professional and very gracious with our community and us.



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