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Clearwater Leak Detection offers service in the Bellevue area of King County. If you’re an east side resident and have experienced a significant raise in your utility bill, it may be time for a maintenance check. Schedule a detection test with Clearwater Leak Detection so we can pinpoint the problem before it gets any worse. At Clearwater we offer many leak detection services in the eastside neighborhoods of Bellevue, Sammamish, Issaquah, and Medina. We can offer the best service in leak detection at an affordable price.  If you’re not sure where the source of the leak could be, please seek professional help at Clearwater Leak Detection and we will come on sight. We have the capabilities to locate the source of the leak whether it is commercial or residential. All our methods and tools used are non invasive and will be environmentally friendly to your yard.  If you have any questions about our tools or services, we will be there to walk you through our methods.

Any leakage that is not easily locatable above ground is most likely from a pipe source underground. If you think the leakage is from an underground pipe, do not hesitate to call Clearwater for a more accurate determination. If the leak goes untreated, you could be looking at an increasing water bill and water waste along with it. Before addressing any underground leak issues it’s required by law to provide information such as reason and location of your proposed digging plan. Allow two business days before digging to call 811 or go to Clearwater offers safe options to locate even privately owned utilities.

Bellevue Testimonials

Charles Kahler
21911 SE 20th St.
Sammamish, WA

I was losing a half a gallon of water a minute and found the leak in three hours. The job was completed methodically. Simon from Clearwater Leak Detection dug down three feet and found the leak.


Curt Ghan
PO Box 375
Medina, WA, 98039

Clearwater Leak Detection discovered a leak in a 300-foot long water line that was 40 inches underground. It was a small leak, but Simon from Clearwater isolated it by using sound detection. Simon was especially helpful and walked me through how he repaired the damage.


Diane Paukstis
1404 143rd Pl. NE
Bellevue, WA, 98007

I requested the help of Clearwater Leak Detection when my utility company notified me of a water leak. Simon, from Clearwater, and I scheduled a visit to identify the issue. We found it somewhere under my driveway by digging underground three feet. He repaired it and replaced the missing portion of my driveway and it is barely noticeable. He is an expert and truly cares about his craft and clients.



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