The Unseen Costs of a Leaky Faucet
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Leaky sinks and outdoor faucets are a very common problem in the United States, which is unfortunate due to the ease of repairs required to correct the issues. Most of the time, leaks in sinks and faucets go untreated for weeks or months, which can seriously affect your water bill.

Wasting water, whether through a leak or otherwise, is a serious problem – especially in drought-ridden areas. If you have a leaky faucet in your home that leaks as slowly as one drip per minute, that’s still substantial and equates to about 1,400 drips per day. Multiply that by a year and that’s about 30 gallons of water that’s simply been wasted due to negligence.

Of course, many more leaks are more rapid without being immediately noticeable. The more drips per minute, the more the year-end total – and the higher your bill.

Aside from the bottom line cost of a water leak, the water damage from a leak that originates in your pipes can cause serious problems to your home’s infrastructure. Leaky faucets rarely cause water damage beyond a discolored ring in your sink, but deeper leaks can create a growth environment for mold and mildew. Natural growth due to moisture can cause serious health problems for the inhabitants in your home and rot away at the areas beneath your sink. Months of exposure to moisture can require not only a plumbing repair, but also replacement of the damaged elements.

It’s always best to be preventative and act quickly if you suspect your pipes are leaking. Clearwater Leak Detection has the tools and expertise to quickly diagnose your leaks and pinpoint the affected area to make repairs quickly and in a cost-effective manner. Contact us today to schedule a leak detection appointment.

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