How Swimming Pool Leak Detection Works
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Though many swimming pool links are usually small and relatively easy to detect (and fix) yourself, there are many instances when you may be unsure as to whether your pool is even leaking to begin with.

Unfortunately, sometimes leaks are difficult to detect. Before you call a professional, you can try the bucket test, place tape on the water level and monitor the level, or check for air in the pool system.

When you determine you have a leak, Clearwater Leak Detection is here to help. We handle pool leaks of every sort and have the tools to detect even the most difficult to detect leaks.

We can detect a leak within 5-20 minutes and also determine the rate of gallons lost per minute or inches per day. This enables us not only to quickly and expertly determine if you truly have a leak, but also lets us double check that our repairs have corrected the issue in an efficient manner.

Our equipment goes beyond the standard pressure testing and used a dye list of leak equipment for testing. Once we’ve identified your leak locations, we can perform minor leak repairs while we’re on location or we can recommend a pool repair company to handle larger issues.

To better estimate the cost of your leak repair and help address your issue, please have the following information handy when you call:

–       Is there just a pool or do you have a spa as well?

–       How many gallons is the pool?

–       Is your pool equipment located above or below ground?

–       How many pumps do you have?

–       Is the pool fiberglass, gunite, marcite, or vinyl?

–       How many skimmers are there?

–       Does it leak more with the filter on or off?

–       Are there any fittings in the pool floor or just the main drain?

–       How much water did the pool lose from the bucket test?

–       Have you had any other previous leaks?

–       Have you had other repairs done on the pool?

–       Have you installed any new equipment recently?

When you’ve determined your pool has sprung a leak or have exhausted your self-detection techniques, contact us for an appointment and we can get you back in the water as soon as possible!

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