How to Perform the Swimming Pool Leak Bucket Test
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The winter months are in full swing and that indoor pool (or especially the hot tub) may be getting more use. Keep the water bill at a normal level and ensure that your pool isn’t leaking. There’s a quick and easy method to determine whether or not your pool has sprung a leak: the swimming pool leak bucket test! Here are the steps:

1. Measure Water Level

This seems like a no-brainer, but actually getting a measurement of the water level week-to-week or day-to-day is much more reliable than “I think it’s leaking.” Take a look at the filter, pump, heater, and pipes. If there’s water coming up gradually through the floor around your pool or spa and it’s not a result of dripping off your feet, there’s a good chance there’s a leak. Either way, use a piece of tape to mark the water level and check back 24 hours later. Typically, your pool shouldn’t lose more than 1/4″ of water per day, so if it’s more, that’s a clear sign there’s a leak.

2. Bring Pool to Normal Level

Restore your pool’s water level to the norm and fill an empty bucket with pool water (leave about an inch empty at the top). Place the bucket on the top or second step of your pool stairs. Ensure it doesn’t float away by placing a brick or a couple of rocks in the bucket. Make sure the water levels of both the pool and the bucket match.

3. Measure

Mark the water level on the inside of the bucket and mark the water level of the pool water on the outside. This will give an accurate reading between the two water containers (that is, of course, unless your bucket has a leak in it, too).

4. Wait

Let the pool operate as usual for 24 hours. After that, compare the two water levels. If the outside water level mark is lower than the inside one, the rate of evaporation probably isn’t a factor and you’ve likely got a leak.

5. Call for Repairs

The reality of pool leaks is that the longer you leave it alone, the more money it’s costing you. Though the bucket test is a good start in detecting leaks, finding the location and getting an accurate measurement is important. Within about 20 minutes we can determine if your pool is indeed leaking and even get the rate of gallons lost per minute. After that, we can fix the leak and our equipment allows us to quickly check to see if we’ve solved the issue. Pressure testing, dye tests, and other methods are at our disposal.

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