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If you’re one of the lucky Washington residents to have a pool, you’re likely putting it to good use as much as possible before summer ends. Pool maintenance is a lot of work, but crucial in keeping the water safe and swimmable. Your pool will naturally loose water as a result of splashing, backwashing the filter, or evaporation, but a significant water loss may indicate a leak. Clearwater Leak Detection provides pool leak detection service to prevent serious damage to your pool deck and surrounding area.

Now is a great time to utilize Clearwater’s leak detection services as your pool prepares to make the transition from summer use to winter hibernation. If you notice yourself adding water more often than normal, soggy spots around the pool, or sinking/lifting in the pool deck, you may have a leak. Call Clearwater immediately if you notice any of these signs—the longer water is allowed to escape, the greater the chance of major damage.

Our leak control process begins with a professional assessment of the problem. Our specialized equipment will determine whether or not the pool is leaking as well as the rate of water loss in gallons per minute within five to 20 minutes. This information will allow us to diagnose the scope of the problem and recheck the pool once it has been fixed. The equipment also targets the location of leak using sophisticated methods that include thermal imaging, inert gases, ground microphone, pressure testing, dye testing, or even jumping in ourselves. We’re not afraid to make a splash in the name of leak detection! Once we’ve made our final diagnosis, we are able to perform minor repair while on site, or we can recommend a quality pool repair company if necessary.

Make sure your pool is ready for non-swim season with no leakage. Contact us at Clearwater Leak Detection to determine whether or not your pool is in need of patching up.

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