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At Clearwater Leak Detection, the bulk of our business comes as a result of our state-of-the-art leak detection services, but some of our other services could save you from an extra service call with another company. Keeping everything under one roof could help alleviate stress and keep everything on the same page when a problem arises, so here’s an overview of some of our lesser-known offerings.

Water Service Line Repair or Replacement

Our first priority is to find your leak, but the next step is fixing it. Once we’ve identified the affected area, we can perform a repair or replacement ourselves without the need to hire another company. We can also help install a water line from your meter to your home or business if you’re performing a new construction.

Trenchless Pipe Installation

Do you need a water line replaced or installed and are hesitant about digging up a huge chunk of your yard in the process? We can perform a trenchless, non-invasive pipe installation that limits the excavation to the entrance pit and the exit, so the amount of damage to the ground is minimized substantially.

Backflow Assembly Installation and Testing

Every backflow assembly must be tested after installation according to Washington State law. Additionally, they must be tested once per year. Clearwater Leak Detection can handle this upkeep process for you and ensure your backflow assembly is operating correctly and within regulations.

Irrigation System Maintenance

If you have a home sprinkler system, we can check it for leaks and ensure it’s running smoothly and efficiently.

Pool Leak Testing

While you might not be thinking about pool leaks this time of year, the summer months will bring a lot of warm weather and you’ll want to break out your pool. Getting it tested for leaks beforehand will mean you won’t have to wait to jump into the water once June rolls around.

Thermal and Smoke Testing

Hard-to-detect leaks are our specialty. We have the thermal imagining and smoke testing equipment needed to find leaks deep within concrete or structural parts of your building.

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