How to Prevent Water Damage from Spring Storms
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Seattle’s had a relatively warm and dry winter so far, but with spring just around the corner, we’re likely to see heavy, sustained rainfall going into the summer months. Unfortunately, many homes in the area aren’t prepared for the rain or have been neglected for many years, meaning a lot of wet carpet and buckets of water in the living room could be in your future. Here are a few ways to guard against water damage during spring storms:

Check Your Windows, Doors, and Roof for Leaks

The sure sign of leaky windows, doors, or your roof is water coming through the seal, but sometimes it’s harder to tell. A professional leak detection service can identify where leaks are coming from and help you make educated repairs. Some leaks are very small and not immediately noticeable, but can have a big impact if left unchecked.

Repair Cracks in the Ceiling

If your ceiling tiles or panels have separated or cracked, that’s a good sign there’s water damage to the ceiling material – or potential for some to creep in. Fixing those visible cracks is a great first step, but if your roof itself is leaking, the problem won’t go away without repairs.

Seal the Foundation

Water accumulates and seeps into foundations of homes and buildings, even if your drains are working effectively. Be sure to check for cracks in your foundation, asphalt surfaces, driveways, and sidewalks to make sure things don’t get worse as the rains keep coming.

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