Explaining the Process of Smoke Testing for Indoor Leaks
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Many of our clients come to us for water leak detection and repair, but some are unaware that our specialized equipment and experience allows us to perform leak detections in various capacities. One of our tools is a smoke testing leak detection system.

Smoke testing is an incredibly effective method for finding leaks in sewer lines, drain fields, roofs, windows, doors, and HVAC systems. By detecting leaks in pipes, we can assess and perform repairs and limit damage to your home or water line. If you have an older home and therefore an older system and you’re unsure where your water lines or sewer lines are located, smoke testing can find them for you.

Implementing the tool for airflow leak detection means we can find leaks in windows and doors to maximize your energy efficiency and save you money. The same goes for HVAC leak detection – why spend the extra money on an energy system if it’s operating inefficiently?

Our smoke testing machine is electric, meaning we can use the system inside your home during the testing process. We insert the machine at any access point in the drain line, allowing us to set it at any clean out, p-trap or toilet without having to completely disassemble or remove fixtures. It also has wireless controls, letting us turn it on and off at any point during the test to help us find and verify leaks.

The smoke generated by the machine is small particle and non-toxic, so it won’t negatively affect the air quality of your home during the process. It’s a similar smoke used in special effects for TV and movies and in smoke training for fire fighters. The machines have a heating element that vaporizes a solution of water and glycol or water and glycerin so they won’t even set off smoke detectors.

If you’re in the process of constructing a new home or building, consider bringing us in for air leak detection. It’s a comparatively inexpensive method of ensuring the builders have done their jobs correctly and constructed a truly energy efficient environment.

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