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It is that time of year where you get a notice from your water company stating that if you have a backflow prevention device, that it needs to be tested.
You might be thinking to yourself “why”? Didn’t I just do this test?

Here in the State of Washington it is required by law, for your backflow device to be tested once every calendar year by a certified backflow tester (WAC 51-56-0600). Some water companies have a window that your device must be tested within and test must be completed by a certain date. Once the device has been tested, the certified tester will either give you the results to give to your water company or the tester will send it into the water system on your behalf. Either way, you should have a copy in your records just in case, it is your responsibility to make sure the water company has your yearly results.

There are numerous reason why a backflow device is installed. It might be because you have a sprinkler system, hot water boiler, beverage dispenser, fire system or many other reason.

These systems may let contaminated water back into the water company supply line and contaminate the entire water system. With a backflow device, when working properly, it will stop the water form going back into the water supply.

These devices need to be tested each year to make sure they are in proper working order. Backflow devices can fail at any time. The tester will let you know if it has failed. They will also notify your water company. You will need to have it repaired or replaced. Sometimes, the person who tests it for you can do this or they might know someone who can. After you have it repaired or replaced, the new device needs to be tested and the results need to be sent into the water company.

How do you find someone to test your device? Your water company might provide you a list of certified testers for your area. Some require certain testers be used on their systems, other systems allow you to use who you would like as long as they carry the required certifications. Check with your water system for the local requirements.

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