3 Common Winter Leaks and How to Fix Them!
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More than any other time of the year, air leaks in your home are more noticeable in the winter. But cold weather has negative effects on other parts of your home and there’s a higher chance of a problem during chilly months than in the summer, so the leak detection specialists at Clearwater Leak Detection have a few common winter leaks to look for, but more importantly: how to fix them!

1. Roof Leaks

Heavy snowfall and ice adds weight to your roof and can expand your shingles and roofing materials. This creates holes in your roof and allows water to come into your home and damage the interior. We use smoke testing to find moisture leaks in roofs, which uses non-toxic smoke compounds. It’s also small particle, ensuring that it won’t negatively affect the air quality of your home. Even before you notice a leak, if your roof is fairly old it may be a good idea to get it tested for leaks for preventative purposes.

2. Basement Leaks

Many basements are unfinished or partially finished, so there’s a potential for heat loss through non-insulated walls or windows. Many pipes and hoses are left uncovered or exposed in some basements, so taking protective measures to prevent leaks or burst pipes is important. Heating your basement will keep pipes warm and prevent freezing, but if you have an air leak in your basement that won’t be a very efficient solution. Checking for leaks in your basement walls, windows, and doors is easy to do – all you need to do is call Clearwater Leak Detection.

3. Water Heaters and Furnaces 

Unless you live in regularly cold temperatures, you’re probably not running your heating system every day. Disuse can cause build up and blockages in your ducts and condensation can build up and cause water to leak through to your floors and in your walls. Checking for leaks in your vents and airways can head off highly destructive and costly problems in the future.

To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment for water leak detection, service line location, pool leaks, or leaks in your roof, windows, or doors, contact Clearwater Leak Detection today!

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