3 Common Bathroom Leaks that Can Cost You Big
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Most people think of a sprung sink faucet or constantly dripping bathtub as the most common bathroom leaks. These are relatively simple to fix, but the major leaks to be concerned with aren’t the most apparent or easily visible. Here are three common bathroom leaks to look out for:

Sewer Leaks

These are pretty easy to sniff out. The stench alone is a telltale sign of a sewer leak, so it won’t impact your water bill but when you have a sewer leak, you’ll know it. The problem will be finding the exact location of the sewer leak so you don’t dig up your whole sewer line – a leak detection specialist can help.

Leaking Pipes

A decrease in water pressure, seeping water, or a spike in your water bill can signal a leak in your pipes. Again, it’s sometimes difficult to tell where the leak is, making a quick response and minimal excavation essential to keeping your home intact and limiting damage.

Cracks in the Floor, Walls, or Windows

Even if water doesn’t run through cracks in the walls or floor in your bathroom, moisture can still seep in. Dank, dark areas are perfect habitats for mold growth, which can cost you big and cause health problems. Finding leaky areas in your bathroom can help seal the entire room and prevent the growth of mold.

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